• Golden Evergreen

    Golden Evergreen

    $60.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Summer of Love

    Summer of Love

    $60.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Hummingbird


    $45.00 ea. [10 remaining]

  • September Sapphire

    September Sapphire

    $45.00 ea. [8 remaining]

  • Rainbow Diamond Facet

    Rainbow Diamond Facet

    $45.00 ea. [7 remaining]

  • Burgundy Classic

    Burgundy Classic

    $60.00 ea. [13 remaining]

  • Chameleon


    $45.00 ea. [10 remaining]

  • Cobalt Rainbow Swirl

    Cobalt Rainbow Swirl

    $45.00 ea. [3 remaining]

  • Clown Feather

    Clown Feather

    $45.00 ea. [18 remaining]

  • Rainbow Twist

    Rainbow Twist

    $45.00 ea. [2 remaining]

  • Holiday Swirl Raindrop

    Holiday Swirl Raindrop

    $45.00 ea. [3 remaining]

  • Candy Apple Diamond

    Candy Apple Diamond

    $50.00 ea. [10 remaining]

  • Golden Amber

    Golden Amber

    $60.00 ea. [13 remaining]

  • Island Flurry

    Island Flurry

    $45.00 ea. [7 remaining]

  • Rainbow


    $60.00 ea. [5 remaining]

  • Sapphire Feather Chip

    Sapphire Feather Chip

    $45.00 ea. [15 remaining]

  • Teal Luster

    Teal Luster

    $45.00 ea. [30 remaining]

  • Cinnamon


    $60.00 ea. [20 remaining]

We pride ourselves in the quality of our products, and do our diligence to make sure that only the highest quality items are shipped. That being said, mistakes can be made. If there is a manufacturer’s defect in quality, the buyer will be asked to send an email with a photo of the item for our glass blower’s review. If it is decided that this item is indeed not up to quality standards, the buyer may keep the item free of charge, and a replacement will be shipped free of charge, at Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program’s expense.
If the buyer is unhappy with their purchase due to aesthetic or reasons of personal taste, apart from manufacturer’s error, the buyer may return the item at their expense for a refund minus the cost of the original shipping and handling.
If an item is broken during shipping, the buyer must contact the Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program within one week of delivery, with a photo of the broken item. A new item will be immediately shipped to the buyer, at Kiwanis Doernbecher Children’s Cancer Program expense.

For large orders, or any questions, please contact Evelyn Chapman at
H: 503-482-5285, M: 971-275-0701 or [email protected].

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